sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2008


Well after the last post I guess I would be ashamed if the next article wasn't written in English, so here I am doing my best to not screw things up, please warn me if I do.

Bumblebee is one of the main characters of the huge Michael Bay's 2007 blockbuster - Transformers - This film is a successfully live action adaptation of the unforgettable cartoon television series "Transformers" from the distant year of 1984, this was definitely one of the my favourite cartoons in that time, and surely one of the reasons that drive me to follow the aeronautic engineer field, Starscream is just great.

In the original series Bumblebee was actually a classic Volkswagen Beetle, but in the movie in order to give him a bigger impact (and to pay back the GM - General Motors - sponsorship) he was updated to a Chevrolet Camaro, although keeping the same yellow colour, in the picture above you can see both of the forms he assumed.

These action figure, well it's actually more of a statue, is almost perfect from every points of view, starting with the original package, and ending with all the rest, the impressive pose, the painting and all the details are absolutely wonderful. One of the best thing about these figure was in fact the price, a great price in a toys'r'us promotion, we collectors have always to keep an eye, or better two, in these kind of situations.

quinta-feira, 1 de maio de 2008


Well after almost nine months of existence and above one thousand and five hundred visitors, many of witch not from Portugal, I think it's time to dedicate some words to my international friends and visitors.

First of all I really hope you have enjoyed this simple and completly amature project, my action figure collection is still quite short but all items are carefully selected, and we must remember that the market available in Portugal is still very short in this kind of collectibles, and the most attractive ones are usually really expensive for the average (and in my case young) person, witch leave us, collectors, with no choice but the international market like ebay and other foreign stores to find most of the items we want.

As I'm still finishing my masters, unfortunately the time I have available to dedicate to my hobbies, like this blog, is very short, but hopefully after September when I'm done with it, my availably will increase exponentially, until then I'll just try to keep this place up-to-date the best way I can.

I here by invite all international visitors to leave a comment, advice or any kind of suggestion to help improving this humble place or my collection, of course this invite is extendible to the national visitores. From now on I'll try my best to do some articles in English, so every one is able to understand and enjoy the true value of my "toys".